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              Welcome to our site!

Please keep in mind that we are a Canadian based business and therefore we have chose not to have pricing on our website because of fluctuating exchange rates, brokerage fees, and shipping charges. Please send us a request for pricing.

Specializing in 4wd Conversions, 2wd Lift Kits, and Van Outfitting

Evolution of Clydesdale

Our company stemmed from a need for a more capable vehicle back in the early 1980`s. Clydesdale 4wd conversions have filled that gap for close to 40 years now. 

Our vans can be seen all over Canada, USA, and Mexico with hundreds of them produced.  We have perfected the platforms to make them more capable than modern trucks on multiple levels. 

Full warranty packages, along with build history can be obtained on each van. We also provide extensive knowledge and hands on approach to helping each customer before and after the builds. 

Welcome to our page and feel free to contact us for any questions you have!


Sometimes a truck just will not cut it. Let us help you produce a van for your industry whether its a cab and chassis, passenger van or cargo van. Here are some examples:

  • Ambulances

  • Shuttle Bus or Taxi

  • Crew Van

  • Contractor Van

  • Cube Van

  • Surveying 

  • Exploration

  • Engineering

  • School Bus

  • City Works

  • Mail & Parcel Delivery

  • Billboard & Promotional Vehicle

  • Tour Company


When you want to stay warm, dry & comfortable you will want a van next time you are exploring the great outdoors. Here are some examples of what enthusiasts are using our vans for:

  • Camping

  • Hiking

  • Fishing

  • White Water Rafting

  • Rock Climbing

  • Skiing & Snowboarding

  • Dirtbiking & Snowmobiling

  • Surfing 

  • Expedition

  • Overlanding

  • Winter Recreation

  • Long Distance Travel

  • Daily Driver

  • Towing and RV Style Travel

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