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2003+ Chev/GMC Express & Savana 2500/3500

GM IFS 4WD Conversion


  • All wear items available through your dealer or your local Jobber.(for easy replacement)

  • Factory ride quality

  • Increased ground clearance

  • Retain factory 16" wheels if desired

  • Retains factory steering linkage

  • Retains factory front brakes

  • Includes all engine packages even the 2.8L and 6.6L Duramax Diesel

  • Allows room for up to a 34" tire

  • Compatible with all factory ABS safety systems



  • Adjustable from 4-6” of Lift

  • Rebuilt GM Front Differential

  • New Front CV Axles

  • New Wheel Bearings

  • 4-5” Rear Lift Blocks, New Rear U-Bolts

  • Bilstien 5100 Shocks Front and Rear

  • New Lower Control Arm 

  • New Upper and Lower Ball Joints

  • New Front Swaybar Links

  • New Driveshafts

  • New Transfercase

  • Manual Transfercase Floor Shifter

  • 4wd Engagement Light on Dash


Standard Equipment:

Pricing starts at $19,000 CAN

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